Our Mission

  • To provide our clientele with prompt, competitive and reliable service.
  • To satisfy the technical requirements & business expectations of our clientele.
  • To ensure defect-free & continuous round-the –clock operation of the oilfields and their associated installations & plants that are tended by us.

Our Goals

  • To provide products and services that represents the best possible value for our customer’s needs.
  • To enhance the business operations of our clients to their satisfaction and to our pleasure.
  • To provide technical equipment supplies & services that represent the best possible value for our clientele.
  • To ensure a mutually beneficial win-win business relationship with our clientele.

About Us:

Gf balance overseas based in Tunis, is an internationally affiliated company servicing the Oil & Gas industries.  GF is registered with the NOC in Libya, as well as with other local and International Oil Companies for which it performs procurement of technical supplies & services. Furthermore, sourcing and trading crude oil and its derivatives.

GF has been established by an internationally experienced and operating team of Oil & Gas industry professionals possessing thirty-five years of interdisciplinary engineering know-how and experience as well as the entrepreneurial drive clientele to their full satisfaction.

In addition to its expert staff, GF taps the vast wealth of professional services of its world-wide network of affiliated Oil & Gas companies, placing them at the full disposition of its clientele.  Among our partners are:

  • AWEDPARTS HAMBURG based in Hamburg, Germany and specializes in the provision of system technologies and integrated engineering supplies for offshore and onshore, upstream, midstream and downstream operations, pertaining to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industrial sectors; providing technical equipment, components, accessories, spare parts and expert services.
  • Nawras Al Raida based in Sultanate Oman and specializes in sourcing and trading other commodities. In addition, it offers the following services:
    • Offer its customers the optimal solutions with least cost impact and a single point responsibility without the risk of duplication or fear of bad design and construction.
    • Solutions for various needs from the supply of fabricated material to the management of projects.
  • Computer Modeling Group Ltd. based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and specializes in providing advanced oil recovery (EOR/IOR) processes, reservoir engineering.
  • Horizon Oil Consultant Corporation based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and specializes in providing consultation to the Oil & Gas companies.
  • Hyduke Energy Services Inc. based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and specializes in repair and sales of oil field equipment and drilling tools
  • International Electric Rigs Ltd. based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and specializes in designing and manufacturing electrical power equipment, and mechanical equipment for Oil field drilling rigs and refineries.

Our Supply / Services Program

Our Supply / Services Program

  • Sourcing and trading of all crude oil derivatives such as Diesel, LNG, Urea. LPJ. And jet fuel A1,
  • Pumping equipment
  • Coiled tubing equipment
  • Tubular completion equipment
  • Filtration equipment
  • Well bore cleaning equipment
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology
  • Piping equipment
  • Process equipment & Instrumentation
  • Electrical equipment
  • Loss prevention equipment

Our Dedicated Services:

GF BALANCE OVERSEAS is dedicated to the following services:

Trading of crude oil and its derivative products.

Our key focus areas are Middle East, Eastern Asia and Africa content.

To carry out any procurement activities including drilling spare parts including but not limited to mud pumps, generators and main rig components.

Provide consultant solutions to increase oil productions using top of the line solutions such as Enhanced Oil Productions techniques.

What Our Clients Say

Our team works dedicatedly to give you best ever required results.
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Our Affiliated Companies

Our believe is that we are not only who can do a lot without
the collaboration of our partners to give experts of their fields.

Our believe is that we are not only who can do a lot without the collaboration of our partners to give experts of their fields.